7 Day GP Access Service



South Sefton Primary Health Care is providing routine General Practice appointments for any person registered with a GP practice in South Sefton.


Where is this Service Available?


The service is provided at: Litherland Town Hall, Hatton Hill Road, Litherland, L23 9JN.

Weekday Evenings: 5pm-8pm

Saturdays & Bank Holidays: 10am-1pm


How do I use this Service?


Please contact the surgery if you require an appointment with a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse or Phlebotomist between the above hours, we will then arrange the needed appointment for you at this service.


What can this service offer?

What will this service NOT offer?

These are not ‘list based’ services, so patients cannot register with them like a regular GP practice.  It is therefore not intended to offer all services that you would expect from a traditional GP practice.

Whilst the services will prescribe any medicines that patients need as a result of their appointment, they will not be able to issue repeat prescriptions.  This remains the responsibility of the GP practice the patient is registered with.

What happens after you attend the service?

After you have attended your appointment with GP 7 Day Services they will write up a full consultation of everything discussed, any medications you have been prescribed and further management suggestions. This will then be sent electronically to your GP practice to be put onto your medical records and also for your regular GP to view and action if necessary.